Can You Maintain Both Your Integrity and Your Fan Base?

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Many of my friends are going through the same problem. They have built up a certain following on social media. Could be YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Their fans expect a certain line, a tone, an approach, the voice of a cause they favor. COMMENT: This is the 2017 truth dilemma and the nature of fan bases – people who TRUST … Read More

Public, Personal, and Private Space?

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That distinction between public, personal, and private space. We may view these as 3 distinct spheres that intersect like a venn diagram. The public as ‘body’, personal as ‘mind’, and private as ‘spirit’ with the core connection being the ‘soul’ as a manifestation of all.  Soul is a much richer concept than Mind. Mind lost much of its ground thanks … Read More

The Sacred Word YOD-HE-VAU-HE

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The Kabbalah and the Sacred Word–The Yod–The He–The Vau–The second He–Synthesis of the Sacred Word. ACCORDING to the ancient oral tradition of the Hebrews, or Kabbalah, 1 a sacred word exists, which gives to the mortal who can discover the correct way of pronouncing it, the key to all the sciences, divine and human. This word, which the Israelites never … Read More

How to Position A Subtlety Creating The Impact You Want

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How would you position your product to a customer. Do you realize that there are at leas a billion points of view? So think of it as looking at the product and it’s description and what it means for the customer. And if this point of view changes because an branding improvement was brought in then you need that page … Read More

Net Neutrality – No trespassing on my Domain

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– Series 1 – Episode Test 00 An intro to the Digital Life with my guest David De Mayo. David leads the intro with Triv responding and closed by David’s thoughts. Two veteran ‘cyberpreneurs’ from outside digital space and here to reflect on the changes we’ve seen and the change to come. Digital skills are the new swiss army knife … Read More

Time Reborn

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Lee Smolin – Time Reborn (Penguin Alan Lane, 2013) There is a paradox inherent in how we think about time. We perceive ourselves as living in time, yet we often imagine that the better aspects of our world and ourselves transcend it. What makes something really true, we believe, is not that it is true now but that it always … Read More

Awakening to a Severe Lack of Digital Skills – UK

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UK digital skills deficit poses major risk to company productivity, BCC warns | The Independent The market is getting ripe!!! According to the findings, the persistent skills gap is now damaging the prospects of many firms. More than half of businesses say that the issue is increasing staff workloads and 29 per cent report that the skills shortage is leading to higher operating costs. … Read More

Carl Jung on “The Supreme Meaning of Death”

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“It is so much more straightforward, more dramatic, impressive, and therefore more convincing, to see all the things that happen to me than to observe how I make them happen. Indeed, the animal nature of man makes him resist seeing himself as the maker of his circumstances.” Source link

History of Human Creation and Sumerian Mythology

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History of Human Creation and Sumerian Mythology By Mohammad Saiful Islam | Jul 5, 2017 This incident is known to all people about how people came to earth. Because the original human beings and human beings came to the world, we can only know in the light of the scriptures. Apart from Darwin’s evolution, there is no way to prove … Read More